The Farm

We began building our farm in the spring of 2014 in the fields behind our brewhouse. It started with the creation of our first hop-yard, followed by additions of raspberry and mushroom patches shortly thereafter. We continued to expand our farm during the summer of 2015, adding a second, larger hop-yard along with blueberry and blackberry patches.

Currently, we are in the process of planting 600 more hop plants. Our goal is to have the majority of our hops and herbs for our beers grown on our farm or locally. 

The Brewery

Our brewery is located adjacent to our tasting room in our main building. It contains a ten barrel system with     four bright tanks and eight conical fermenters. 

​Just as our farm crops fuel our brewery, the excess brewing ingredients will feed back onto our farm. We plan to enrich our farm fields via compost from the spent grain from our brews.

​As members of the small community of Brookeville, a tiny town with a rich history of warmth and hospitality, we want to carry that welcoming spirit into our business. Thus, our desire is to become a community meeting place, where anyone can stop for a visit to tour the farm and brewery, relax in the tasting room, and host or attend a community event.

We are conveniently located along state route 97, which is one of the busiest roads in our community and  stretches from Washington DC to the Mason-Dixon Line, so many local and regional commuters pass by our location every day. Our location has brought us substantial visibility that will make us easily accessible and recognizable as a community meeting place. ​

Our Team

Throughout our startup journey, we’ve taken an “all-hands-on-deck” approach to almost everything we do. We assembled a core team of staff members early on who began as specialists but have unexpectedly become generalists, almost entirely changing how we envisioned we’d help the business. Recognizing the limitations of our original roles, we’ve adapted to many different jobs along our journey. Almost everyday our owner, brewer, and marketer work alongside our farm manager to complete construction, farming, and landscaping jobs. Our willingness to accomplish any task at hand, no matter our role, is a testament to the passion we have for our work.
Tim McDonnell
Phil Muth
Owner and president of McDonnell Landscape, Tim first met Phil in an impromptu meeting where they discussed using an old nursery building near Tim's landscaping business to create a new farm brewery. The two agreed to go into business, and the idea came to fruition. Tim's interest in craft beer, and his experience as an entrepreneur led him into the budding Maryland craft beer industry.  
Previously of Coastal Sunbelt Produce, a produce wholesale company that he founded in the early 1990s, Phil took particular interest in the craft beer industry after the state of Maryland created the farm brewery licensure in May of 2012. The new farm brewery industry suited his interests  in craft beers and gardening as well as his previous experience in the local food industry. 
Kenny Borkmann
Brewery Generalist
After finishing his math degree at Towson University, Kenny spent the early part of his career as a math teacher in the Baltimore County Public School system. Although he enjoyed teaching, he decided that he did not want to make a career of it. Instead, he opted to pursue his interest in brewing beer and the growing craft beer industry and continued work at Maryland Homebrew, where he worked while attending TU. Kenny eventually crossed paths with Phil at Maryland Homebrew and joined BBF shortly thereafter. ​​