Limited edition beers that we have brought back on tap

Farmhand Frank
Blonde Coffee Stout- 5.2% ABV
Smooth with a robust dark chololate flavor. Reminiscent of a 
bag of unsweetened chocolate morsals. 

Lost Barrels: Lot 8
Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout- 8% ABV - 32 IBU
Smooth and rich, accompanying hints of oak, 
followed by toasted coconut on the finish.

River Float
Cerveza- 4.5% ABV - 44 IBU
Very light bodied Mexican lager, with a very dry finish.

A Pleasant Country
Sagamore Rye Barrel Aged Belgian Dubbel- 8% ABV - 20 IBU
Notes of stone fruit and citrus with very subtle phenolics.

Oktoberfest - 5.4% ABV - 18 IBU
Bready and malty sweet. With nutty undertones.

South of Sunshine
Pepper Blonde Ale IPA - 6.8% ABV - 21 IBU
Strong spicy aroma. Fresh Jalapeno flavor
with a smooth honey finish.

Hallows Harvest
Pumpkin Saison- 6.8% ABV - 24 IBU
Light in body and color. Blenf of honey, spices, and pumpkin.

Limited Edition
Constantly rotating as we come  up with new and creative brews

Mary Ann
Peach "Cobbler" Blonde Ale - 6.6% ABV - 25 IBU
Juicy peach flavor with a hint of cinnamon through out, with a dry finish.

​Hipsley Mill
Wet Hop Session Ale - 5.4% ABV
Wet hopped with local farmed Cascade hops.

Brewer's Experimental
For the adventurous

Farm Girl
Raspberry lemon Malternative - 4%ABV
Sweet raspberry upfront. Hints of lemon.
Dry champagne finish.

Always on tap, here from the beginning

Pilsner - 4.5% ABV - 19.3 IBU
​A light continental lager with floral hop aroma.

Witbier - 5.25% ABV - 17 IBU
Light and citrusy with clemintine and coriander.

Stout - 6.6% ABV - 28 IBU
Toasted and creamy with hints of raisin and chocolate.​

IPA - 7% ABV - 46.5 IBU
​Hints of grapefruit and mild bitterness.