MoCo Pride/Hayfever (tapped 4/20/17)
Weissbier - 5% ABV
 Clove up front, settling into banana on the finish.

Dewpoint 2.0 (tapped 4/19/17)
American Pale Ale - 5.63%
Medium-bodied, balanced, & hoppy. Citrusy with a good malt backbone.

September Sun (tapped 4/19/17)

Saison - 5.25%
Light and dry with a hint of banana and malt finish.

The Fritz (tapped 4/7/17)
English Porter - 5.75% 
Rich and smooth with a good malt complexion. 

Lost Barrels: Lot #1 (tapped 4/5/17)
Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout - 8%
Hints of oak followed by toasted coconut.

Moore's Ride (tapped 3/23/17)
Doppelbock - 8.25%
​Strong lager with notes of bread and a rich German malt profile.

Tall, Dark, & Handsome (tapped 3/9/17)
Schwarzbier - 6.28% 
A clean hint of German malts and roast on the finish.


Pilsner - 4.5%
​A light continental lager with floral hop aroma.

Witbier - 5.25%
Light and citrusy with clemintine and coriander.

Stout - 6.6%
Toasted and creamy with hints of raisin and chocolate.

India Pale Ale - 7.0% 
Hints of grapefruit and mild bitterness with a sweet malt character​​.​