Limited edition beers that we have brought back on tap

Kolsch - 4.7% ABV - 26.1 IBU
Clean and crisp, with a hint of wheat malt on the finish.

Breaking Ground
California Common -5.25% ABV - 31 IBU
Boozey with a fruity aroma and sweet malty finish.

Clover in the Hills
Irish Red Ale - 5.5% ABV - 16 IBU
Nutty maltiness, roasted barley on the finish, subdued hop character.

Grassroots 2.0
Seassion Ale - 5% ABV - 31 IBU
Light, hoppy aroma. Balanced with fruit and grainy malt finish.

Lost Barrels: Lot #6
Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout - 8% ABV - 28 IBU
Smooth and rich, toasted coconut on the finish. 

Yellow Finch
Summer Ale - 5.4%ABV - 16 IBU
Crisp Body with a lemon zest on the finish 

Dewpoint 6.0 
American Pale Ale - 5% ABV - 51 IBU
All citra dry hopped.

Limited Edition
Constantly Rotating as we come  up with new and creative brews

River Float
Cerveza- 4.5% ABV - 21 IBU
Very light bodied Mexican lager with a very dry finish. Served with a lime wedge.

Widows Nest
Chocolate Porter - 4.6% ABV - 18 IBU 
Malty with a smooth dark chocolate finish.

Brewer's Experimental
For the adventurous

Brookeville Debutante
Malternative 4.53% ABV
Brewed with lemon, lime, and honey from our farm. Served with fresh mint. 

Always on tap, here from the beginning

Pilsner - 4.5% ABV - 19.3 IBU
​A light continental lager with floral hop aroma.

Witbier - 5.25% ABV - 17 IBU
Light and citrusy with clemintine and coriander.

Stout - 6.6% ABV - 28 IBU
Toasted and creamy with hints of raisin and chocolate.​

IPA - 7% ABV - 46.5 IBU
​Hints of grapefruit and mild bitterness.